Project Review

A facilitated, interactive review, totally different from the dry after action reviews you may have experienced.

We develop a visual representation of your project that:Project Review

  • identifies the key factors and events at each stage of the project
  • increases understanding of what worked well and what could be improved
  • defines actions to increase future success: what to sustain, what to improve and how to do it.

We investigate the things that happened during the project, why they happened, and the thinking behind the decisions. Unlike other project reviews we consider all three, because our experience shows that inaccurate assumptions often affect project execution.

Our aim is to make you more successful next time:

  • improve results in new projects
  • increase the speed and quality of your innovation
  • enhance the long term effectiveness of your processes and your team
  • anticipate challenges and opportunities

Our clients say:

“more engaging, more open and more informative that our traditional project reviews”
“a great way of solving practical problems”