Twitter: The Amplifier and the Fishing Rod

If Twitter was an object what would it be for you?I was speaking with the social media director of a large company recently and he described Twitter as the amplifier in the social media system.
His company posts interesting content into different platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, blogs etc.) They know it will be read by the users of those platform and reach a significant number of people. Tweeting about the content brings their message to the attention of a much broader audience. His experiments show that Tweeting will increase the number of people reading the information by 10 to 100 fold. In some cases 1000 times more people will read the content. His point was well made, Twitter amplifies your social media messages and many businesses use Twitter for exactly this reason.
The conversation got me thinking about how I use Twitter.
For me Twitter is like a fishing rod. I use Twitter to find interesting content, learn new information and get insights from other  people. And there’s a lot of great content out there. Twitter is an excellent learning tool if you filter the information in the right way for you.
So my friend and I represent opposite ends of the Twitter spectrum. He’s Tweeting to get his messages to as wide an audience as possible. I’m looking to capture some of the vast range of information that’s available on Twitter and learn from it.
If Twitter was an object what would it be for you?


Images courtesy of jumpinjimmyjava and Cook24v. Used under a Creative Commons License.


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