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The Benefits of Innovation – The 20:20:20 Rule

When I talk about innovation I usually start with an explanation of why innovation is important. To do this I use two reports, one published in 2000 by PWC, the other published in 2010 by DeBooz. Although the surveys were … Continue reading

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Capture the Creative Energy of Everyone in your Organisation

Have you thought of running innovation challenges? They can: solve your most pressing problems increase productivity, reduce costs capture the creative energy of everyone in your organisation They’re engaging, interesting and motivating.

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Fear and Innovation

Two types of fear can prevent us from being creative: fears about ourselves fears about how we will be received by other people. ‘Fears about yourself prevent you from doing your best work’ [1]

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Social Creativity = People + Appropriate Technology

Crowdsourcing, collaboration, co-creation – there’s a lot of interest in how to involve more people in creative processes. It is often referred to as ‘social creativity’. But do we really understand¬†how to combine people, technology and creativity¬†to generate new solutions? … Continue reading

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Creativity – Making Sense of the Mystery

Creativity is rather mysterious. What is creativity? How are people creative? Are some ideas more creative than others? I thought I’d share some of the concepts that have helped my understanding of creativity. Hopefully they’ll be of use to you … Continue reading

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What is Innovation?

If you want a lively discussion get ten of your friends together and ask them to produce a definition of innovation.

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